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Re: [StrongED] Re: Export from StrongED

Fred Graute, on 30 May, wrote:


> ExportSED is called from the BaseMode ModeFile using this line:
> c-Select	SetTmp() ExportText() Run("Run
> The error "File name '.ExportSED' not recognised" suggests that the call
> to SetTmp() is missing. Ctrl-Adjust click on StrongED's iconbar icon to
> load the BaseMode ModeFile and check that the line to call ExportSED is
> exactly the same of the one above.
> I've checked 4.69f9 and 4.70a12, both have ExportSED present and both
> export correctly.

A slight divergence here, 4.69f9 does export correctly but 4.70a12 does not,
it errors as described above.

The relevant 4.70a12 BaseMode lines are correct.

I will do some more digging later.

David Pitt

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