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[StrongED] Re: Export from StrongED

In article <56fff0f26echris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Chris Johnson <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In article <56ffe9b7faLists@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
>    Richard Torrens (lists) <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I checked 4.68a1 - but no !ExportSED - so it's not been included in the
> > distribution for a while.

> Strange. In my versions of both 4.69 and 4.70 there is a !ExportSED
> in !StrongED.Defaults.Tools

You are correct - I simply do did not find it. I had looked in
!StrongED.Tools but not !StrongED.Defaults.Tools - no doubt I will
eventually learn why two sets of tools...

However there is a problem. The StrongED.!RunImage calls for
<StrongED$ExportDir>.ExportSED and within !ExportSED there is no file
ExportSED - which is why Locate did not find it!

but !StrongED.Defaults.Tools.!ExportSED.!Boot and !Run does a 
  "Set ExportSED$Dir <Obey$Dir>"

This withy 4.70a12 (23-Apr-2017)

Richard Torrens.
http://www.Torrens.org for genealogy, natural history, wild food, walks, cats
and more!

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