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Re: [StrongED] Export from StrongED

In article <56ffdf0874Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Richard Torrens (lists) <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The StrongHelp instructions say: "The export facility can convert the
> file to Impression DDF or OvationPro DDL format."

> And later "c-Select [on the save icon] opens the Export dialogue box, to
> export the text in various formats."

> But in fact c-Select on the save icon gives an error
>   "File name '.ExportSED' not recognised"

> Has this ability been removed?

> -- 
> Richard Torrens.

Interesting, trying to export to DDF or DDL I get the following:

19:03:18.16 ** WimpError ** from ExportSED
  Error  : &00000000
  Message: Invalid MessageTrans descriptor block (code254)
19:03:22.57 TaskClose &5A603A18 ExportSED



Dave Triffid

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