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[StrongED] StrongMen 1.28a1 available

Hi All,

StrongMen 1.28a1 is now available for download here:

The main change in this first alpha release is the addition of a number
of #commands that provide access to various system resources. Right now
they are for inspection only but future versions may provide options for
recovery of resources (like !resrec), the #OpenFiles command does this

How this will all work exactly is still to be decided. If you have any
suggestions then let me know.

To test the new #commands I added a 'System' section to my StrongMenu
file. It's listed below as an example of how to use the new #commands.

    Applications		#WimpTasks
    Dynamic areas		#DynAreas
      Files			#OpenFiles
        Not implemented yet	#Nil
        Not implemented yet	#Nil
      RAM			#RamMods
      ROM			#RomMods
    Shares			#ListShares
      All			#SysVars *
      Sys$*			#SysVars Sys$*
      *$Dir			#SysVars *$Dir
      *$Path		#SysVars *$Path
      *$Options		#SysVars *$Options
      Strong*$dir	#SysVars Strong*$Dir
      File$Type		#SysVars File$Type*
      @RunType		#SysVars *@RunType*
      @LoadType		#SysVars *@LoadType*


Bugs fixed

The work on the keyboard handling in 1.27 was missing a couple crucial
instructions. As a result unknown keypresses were no longer being passed
on and things like c-F12 failed to work.

New commands

There are 6 new commands available:

#DynAreas - this command builds a submenu with all dynamic areas.

#RamMods - this command provides a submenu with all modules in RAM

#RomMods - same as above but listing all modules present in ROM.

#SysVars - this command will open a menu listing all system variables
           that match the given (wildcarded) pattern. The pattern used
           is the same as what one would use at the command line.

           For example, #SysVar *$Dir will create a submenu with all
           sysvars that end with '$Dir'. Each entry will have a single
           item submenu that shows the sysvar's value.

#WimpTasks - this command generates a submenu with all tasks that are
             currently running. (This may be changed to separate
             application tasks from module tasks just like the Tasks
             window does.)

#ListShares - this command will show all ShareFS shares that are present
              in Resources:$.Discs. Note that the shares do not have to
              be mounted through the 'Discs' icon on the iconbar to be

At the moment no actions have been tied to items in these new submenus,
except for the submenu that shows the value of a system variable. These
you can click to have the value string sent to the input focus. A click
with Ctrl held down will copy the value string to the global clipboard.

New options

There is 1 new option: 'Only delete resources when Ctrl is held down'
When on, clicking in the 'Open files' submenu only has an effect when
the Ctrl key is held down. This provides a safeguard against accidental
mouse clicks. (Not sure if this option will stay. I may opt for a -Ctrl
switch in the StrongMenu file instead.)

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