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[StrongED] 4.70a13 gives

Installed 4.70a13 just now.  Upon launching it, I get:

     Internal error: abort on data transfer at &0001037C

This happens even after a reboot.  ArmX6, Ro 5.25 (R-comp 2018april).

The error is not fatal, though it is a nuisance because it launches during 
boot.  As far as I can tell from having used it only a few minutes the new 
StrongEd is in fact working normally.

In the installation, I moved my existing 4.70a12 aside and then copied the 
supplied 4.70a13 into Apps.  I did nothing with the supplied !StrED_cfg 
having noted that it is dated well before my present !StrED_cfg.

Jim Nagel                            www.archivemag.co.uk

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