Search and Replace, Simple

StrongED has very comprehensive Search and, optionally, replace abilities. There are effectively four different actions
  1. Interactive Search a separate page
  2. List of Found
  3. Search and Replace
  4. Advanced Search and Replace a separate page
    Hot Keys for searching

List of Found - LoF

This search is similar to interactive - but is not interactive. List of Found search is on key key F2. As with Interactive Search repeated presses of F2 or the Old button will step back through previous search expressions.

You can also press Ctrl-F to list occurences (in the same text) of the word at the caret.
Ctrl-Shift-F will list occurences of the word at the caret in all open texts.

If not searching for the word at the caret, type in your whole search term and press Return - or click on Go.

Clicking on the Menu icon beside the writable box will open a list of previous search expressions so you can select the term you require. The following keys wil also afffect this box:

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