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It is not difficult to find html tags and to find start tags with their matching end tags.

This could be useful for checking your html. It uses grouping with a back reference.

Find html start tags:

Search "<"{AD}+ * ">"
This searches for "<" followed by one or more Alpha numeric characters. So this won't include the space after the tag name.

We can put two markers (@1 and @2) in there to pick out the tag name itself:

Search "<"@1{AD}+@2 * ">"

And then we use those markers as a "back reference" to search for the matching end tag:

Search "<"@1{AD}+@2 * ">" * ("</" @12">")
This adds some to the second example - search forward in line for "</" @12">" - these are within brackets to group them - so will only match </ followed by the tag name.

We only used a single * to search forward in the line so his will only find tags that start and end on a single line. Use ** to search for tags like <div> which span several lines.

Of course you can seach for specific tags. Just replace the {AD}+ with, for instance "table" (with the parentheses) to find tables.

Search "<"@1"table"@2 * ">" ** ("</" @12">")

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