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'   ' - Character sets

Anything within single quotes is interpreted as a character set. This will match if the character in the text is any one of the characters in the set. The character set can contain single characters and ranges. Thus you can define your own sets - there is a simple example of a character set,

However StrongED has a number of pre-defined Character sets which probably cover everything most users will ever need.

Some of these sets can be called by a single Character. Most have Shorthands. Some are Named. You can therefore use any of the first four columns below in the Search expression. These should not be inside '   ' single quotes.

Char Short Name Char Set or
Hex value
? \a Alpha 'a-zA-Z' Upper and lower case letters
\a also includes all accented characters. See Character Sets
Upper 'A-Z' Upper case letters
Lower 'a-z' Lower case letters
Ctrl '\x00-\x1F\x7F'
\c '\x00-\x1F\x7F' All Control characters
# \d Digit '0-9' Decimal digits
D \d Digit '0-9' Decimal digits
\e \x1B Escape character
\f \x0c Form feed
\h '0-9a-fA-F' Hexdecimal digits
\i '0-9a-zA-Z' Identifier characters
The set which \i matches depends on the definitions in the ModeFile (ID_FirstChar, ID_Middle and ID_LastChar)
\p punct '!'(),./:;\?' Punctuation characters
\s white '\t\x0A ' White space
See Handling White Space
AD \w AlphaNum '0-9a-zA-Z' AlphaNumeric characters

Hot Keys

When a search and replace dialogue box is open, the following hot keys operate on it:
Key Operation
Shift-F4 Opens the SearchReplace dialogue box.
(Press again to get previous search expression)
Page Up/Down Leaf through the previous search expressions
Ctrl-C Toggle 'Case' option.
Ctrl-L Toggle 'Line' option.
Ctrl-E Cycle through 'Engine' choices.
Ctrl-S Cycle through the 'Scope' choices.
Ctrl-N Count occurences of search expression.

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