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This List oF Found window is the result of searching the page search/html for "search expression" with default options.

The top line of this (on the dark blue backgound) shows the directory(s) and leafname(s) of the file(s) that produced the matches, the number of hits (matches) and on how many lines they occured.

Below that are listed the lines concerned with the actual matches highlighted in red. As the mouse pointer moves oner the list the page under it will change by inverting colours. Clicking on a line will move the caret to the corresponding line in the text. If the target window is hidden or iconised then it will be opened first and brought to the front.

The LoF window has a menu that enables you to:

Hot Keys for navigation

I you initiate the search from the keyboard Enter then the List of Found results window will have the input focus so that it may be navigated using the keyboard.

The following keys can then be used:

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