List of available StrongED Modes

All the following modes are available from StrongED's modes database where they can be downloaded individually or as a series of .zip files.

Many of these modes were written by third parties. Some, therefore, are quite dated. All are included in the stable releases (4.69), but not in the test release (4.70) which only includes a few, but uses the same modes.

It is quite permissible to simply delete (or move) unwanted modes out of !StrongED.Defaults.Modes. This will simplify the iconbar's Create file -> New file menu. See also the ModeLock file.

Mode zip file or URL 4.69 4.70 Use
Ada Programming Yes
AppBasic RISCOS Yes
ASM Assembly Yes assembler source files
AVR Assembly Yes
AWK Scripting Yes
Basalt Yes
BasAsm Assembly Yes Yes BASIC assembler
BaseMode Yes Yes
BBCode Yes
C Programming Yes
C64 Assembly Yes
CConcepts Document preparation Yes
Charm Programming Yes
Diff Misc Yes
DocBook Misc Yes
Document Document preparation Yes
DrWimp Yes
Dump RISCOS Yes Yes
EXIFinfo Misc Yes
ExtASM Assembly Yes
External RISCOS Yes
Forth Programming Yes
Freetext Misc Yes
FrontEnd RISCOS Yes
Haskell Programming Yes
HPprint Misc Yes
HTML Internet Yes
Java Programming Yes
JavaScript Scripting Yes
Latex Document preparation Yes
Lua Scripting Yes
ManTools Yes
Message RISCOS Yes
ML Programming Yes
Modula2 Programming Yes
News Internet Yes
ObjAsm Assembly Yes
Pascal Programming Yes
Perl Scripting Yes
PHP Internet Yes
POVray3 Misc Yes
Python Scripting Yes
Ruby Programming
RubyRails Programming
S-Base Misc Yes
Sather Programming Yes
SQL Misc Yes
StrongHelp RISCOS Yes
StrongHTML Internet Yes
StrongMen RISCOS Yes
StrongMode RISCOS Yes
StrongWhen RISCOS Yes
TaskWindow RISCOS Yes Yes
Throwback RISCOS Yes
VBScript Programming Yes
WideText Misc Yes
WimpWorks RISCOS Yes
WML Internet Yes
xhtml Internet Yes
XML Programming Yes

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