HTML mode Hints

These notes are my own experience of using the supplied HTML mode.

TAB character

TABs are interpreted by browsers as whitespace together with space and return. The supplied HTML Mode Choices are as shown. choices/png
Note that As spaces to align with line above/below is ticked. If you are using StrongED alone then is makes much more sense to use a few TAB characters rather than a multitude of spaces. So select As TAB character (aka TrueTab)

The occasions you may use TAB are when writing JavaScript (there is a JavaScript mode available) or when writing PHP (mode available) or when writing Lists (to indent nested lists) or when doing tables when a load of TAB characters can be placed between </td>tab/png<td> to align columns in the table.

Multiple Spaces

HTML mode redefines the function that marks words, so that multiple spces ot TABs (or combinations) do not get selected. It you are importing text from some other source, or using ALT to mark and copy/move a block, this can be a nuisance. The relevant function is MarkWord, defined in BaseMode Modevirtual, Search section, as:

_MarkWord {AlphaNum|"_"}+ | {Punct}+ | {' \t'}+

in the HTML modevirtual the definition is

_MarkWord tag_mark | entity | {AlphaNum}+

so change the html modevirtual to

_MarkWord tag_mark | entity | {AlphaNum}+ | {Punct}+

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