Adding html tags to a marked block

I use a macro inserter, !Makro, to insert standard phrases, including html tags, into texts. I wondered whether this could be given equivalent funtionality to the icons in html mode. That is - could they insert the appropriate tags before and after a marked block.

The way to do this is by using StrongED's *MESSAGE system. Thus the following (all on one line)

*Message StrongED_ExecCmds NoIndent GotoBlock_Start InsertStr("|<span class=\"icon\">") GotoBlock_End InsertStr("|</span>") BlockClear

will insert <span class="icon"> before the marked block and </span> after it.

Makro allows you to use * Commands, so it uses the OS keyword message which broadcasts the string starting StrongED_ExecCmds which StrongED responds to. The commands to be executed follow. These StrongED's functions are:

Most of these functions are self-exlanatory.

Note the ue of | before <. These are necessary or the text inside < > will be expanded by the OS rather than being treated as literal characters.

Of course you can use this system with any other Macro inserter, or tie such a message to a key or icon. However !Makro seems to be the most versatile inserter for this sort of use as it can handle upto 32 macros on one menu.

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