tabs/pngThe Tabs window is opened from the Mode choice: click Menu in the window concerned - the Mode is the bottom menu item and will vary with the window's mode. The sub-menu here has an entry "Open Choices...". Click on this to open the Choices window where the Tabs choices can be selected.

TabStops for each mode can be defined in the relevant ModeFile. Initially only BaseMode has TabStops defined. TabStops can also be defined in the first 1KB of a file.

Tab key

tabopts/png Alone, the TAB key inserts the relevant tab character(s) into the text. The choices are obtained via Menu in the text, Menu -> Display -> ShowTab
TAB with Shift key pressed cycles through the Tab display options As Ctrl character [09] -> As spaces -> As dotted line
TAB with Ctrl key pressed cycled through the Tab key action. 'Truetab' -> Nearest -> Tabstops. As this controls what the Tab key does, it has no immediate effect on the displayed text.

tabstops/png The window's Tab key action may be found Menu -> Edit -> Tabkey. The third option here opens a window (right) where the Tabstops definition can be changed. See Syntax of ModeFile - Tabstops for syntax. The TabStops here only work by inserting spaces to Tab to the correct column. They do not affect the Menu -> Display -> ShowTab -> Truetab' -> As dotted Lines option.

This sets the Current working directory to the directory under the Mouse Pointerr.

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