Loading a directory of files

If you simply drag a directory to StrongED's icon bar icon then every file in that directory will be loaded. However you can easily control which files to load.

loaddir/png When you drag a directory with the Select button and Ctrl key pressed to StrongED's iconbar icon, it opens a window allowing you to select which files to load.

The syntax of the Pattern field is:
<list of filetypes> , <filename patterns to match>

List of filetypes

Filetypes must be specified as 3-digit hex numbers, eg FFF for text, FAF for html, FEB for BASIC etc. If you want to load more than one filetype, each hex number must be separated from the next by a space.

The default * will accept all filetypes.

The separator

The separator in the window shown above is a comma. However a semicolon is also permissible.

Filename patterns to match

The patterns to match are the same as those in ModeWhen files and are used to match filenames. ROOL's list of filetypes.

Two wildcards are supported * and **

Scope of the search

The search will recurse into any subdirectories unless you specify otherwise. To do that, specify the top directory's name in the search pattern. So for all text files in directory Dir you would put FFF,**.Dir.*


The search for Content of the files has not been implemented, this is for future development.

Some examples

Load all .html files FAF, **.*html
Load all text files ending inc FFF, **.+*inc
Load all text files with fred in the name FFF, **.*fred*
Load all text files named StrongEd FFF,**.StrongEd

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