Unknown bitmap CtrlTab

On upgrading StrongED you may get a message Unknown bitmap style: 'CtrlTab' in mode 'xxx'.

This error message is because StrongED has been upgraded to use standard RISC OS fonts as well as bitmap fonts. The Font for the relevant mode can be changed from the Mode -> Open Choices -> Fonts menu. Earlier versions only used used bitmap fonts.

The change has of course caused some disruption and the CtrlTab style was dropped in rationalising things. But the name may still be present in some of the ColoursStd & ColoursAlt files inside Defaults.Modes/UserPrefs.Modes.

To get rid of these warning the name CtrlTab needs to be replaced by Regular. Fortunately we can use StrongED to do this in bulk:

Note: You may need to do this twice, for !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Modes and again for !StrongED.Defaults. Restart StrongED when done and the warning should be gone.

You can locate !StrongED and !StrED_cfg by opening a Task Window (S-F12) and typing Show str*. The lines starting StrED_cfg$Dir and StrongED$Dir will list the full paths.

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