Block marking, handling and editing

There are two types of Block that can be marked in StrongED - the standard one and the Freeblock which is a rectangle including corresponding bits of the file on different lines: this is very useful of anything that is in columns.

In standard mode the special feature is that StrongED will edit every line in a marked block - unless you have turned off the option.

Marking, adjusting and clearing - Standard Block

This can be done in two ways: with the mouse or with the keyboard,



FreeBlock - Marking, adjusting and clearing

Marking a Freeblock

A Freeblock is a rectangular area of text. What you can do with this block is slightly more limited than what you can do with a normal block, but basic copying and moving works. Copying/moving can be a little startling if you copy/move to the wrong place, but F8 will undo any damage!

Freeblock is specially useful to move or copy columns of text.

Editing a marked block

Ctrl-C Copy block
Ctrl-V Move block
Ctrl-X Delete block
F7 Copy block
Shift-F7 Move block
Shift-F8 Delete block
Ctrl-Shift-X Cut to clipboard.
Ctrl-Shift-C Copy from text to clipboard
Ctrl-Shift-V Paste from clipboard to text.
Ctrl-Shift-Z Clear the clipboard.

Features that change within a block

Many of StrongED's functions are 'block sensitive'. That is, they behave differently when the caret is inside a block F2F3Shift-F4Ctrl-UCtrl-S
Ctrl-Shift-X Opens ListOfFound dbox, with search limited to block
Ctrl-Shift-C Opens savebox for block
Ctrl-Shift-V Opens Search/Replace dbox, with search limited to block
Ctrl-Shift-Z Shifts block to uppercase
Ctrl-Shift-Z Swaps case of block.
The most useful feature is that, while inside a block, standard editing (typing text and deleting) happens simultaneously on all the text lines in the block. block/png

Block Editing choices

Many of the block editing features can be turned off (or back on) via the Icon Bar menu. Choices -> Block -> "Editing

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