StrongED Autosaving and Autoloadng of Files

Autosaving and Autoloading of Files

Autosaving files minimises the work you will lose in the event of a crash or power loss. But in StrongED the system is enhanced so that all files open in StrongED can be saved at the end of one session and reloaded automatically at the next session in the same positions they were in when saved. StrongED also does its level best to save your work in the event of a crash - whether internal or external.

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Autosave events

There are three types of event that will trigger an autosave:
  1. Timed save. A timer will autosave any file being worked on. global_edit/png
    The timer interval is set from the iconbar menu -> Choices, default is 5 minutes. In the edit section you can switch Autosave on or off and select your timing. The active files are saved with unique numbers in the !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Autosave directory. This Timed Save also saves a list of StrongED's open windows. When a file is saved its autosaved copy is deleted.

    Having two copies of a file could be useful - if you rename or move the saved file you can then open it and compare the work you are doing with the file when you last saved it.

  2. At shutdown, or when StrongED is Quit. In this case one of two things happen:
    • If there are any unsaved files, StrongED will open a window
      giving you a choice. If you click on Remember the AutoSave system will remember all your work which will be reloaded when next StrongED is run.
    • If there are no unsaved files and you have so configured StrongED (see top window above), then the AutoSave system will remember all your work without asking.
  3. Save on Crash. In the event of a crash, either internal or external, that affects StrongED, a memory dump is done.

AutoSave directory

The Autosave Directory is either !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Autosave or !StrongED.Defaults.Autosave, depending on how you've set up StrongED.


When StrongED is started it looks in the Autosave directory and, if the List file is present, all the files mentioned in it will be loaded, leaving you where you were when the list was saved.

Autosave List

When the files are AutoSaved, a list of all loaded files is also saved. This file is called List and it is saved in the AutoSave directory. The List file includes window positions.

When AutoLoad goes wrong

It is quite possible to edit this List file in the event one file is causing a problem.

To do this you will need to move the file into a different directory - if you edit it in the AutoSave directory it will be overwritten - and edit it there. It is type Data so can easily be edited. One edited, Quit StrongED and move the file back into the AutoSave directory. Then when you re-start StrongEd (which you can do by Shift-clicking the List file!). If the files listed are still present they will be reloaded.

If you want to edit the file in the AutoSave directory then you can do so using a different editor. Save it and start StrongED.

If you do not wish StrongED to Autoload on start-up, hold down ALT when starting. Or simply remove the List file!).

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