StrongED Instructions - Control from Keyboard

Control of StrongED from Keyboard

Key bindings can be changed in ModeFiles so these keys will not work in all modes. Also many work differently within a block.

This list is taken from the StrongED StrongHelp instruction card.


Key presses
c-XHold down Ctrl key then press X
s-XHold down Shift key then press X
cs-XHold down Ctrl + Shift keys then press X
c-X,c-YPress Ctrl-X first, then Ctrl-Y
(Mode)How this behaves varies from mode to mode.
xx, yyFirst time it will do 'xx', second time it will do 'yy'
ToggleSwitch between two values, eg On / Off or Insert / Overwrite
CycleSwitch between multiple values, eg TrueTab / Nearest / Tabstops
CSDCurrently Selected Directory
LoFList-of-Found, displays search results
LoTList-of-Texts, displays all loaded texts
Block Operations
Esc Clear block
Esc+move Mark block
Shift-F5 Goto start, end of block
F6 Start/end block mark
Shift-F6 Clear block
Ctrl-F6 Mark entire text
F7 Copy block
Shift-F7 Move block
Shift-F8 Delete block
Ctrl-A Mark word, line, text
Ctrl-Shift-K Keep block
Ctrl-Z Clear block
Ctrl-X Delete block
Ctrl-C Copy block
Ctrl-V Move block
Ctrl-Shift-Z Purge clipboard
Ctrl-Shift-X Cut block to clipboard
Ctrl-Shift-C Copy block to clipboard
Ctrl-Shift-V Paste clipboard to text
Ctrl-Shift-End Mark to end of text line, delete
Ctrl-Insert Copy block to clipboard
Shift-Insert Paste clipboard to text
Ctrl-Shift-Left Mark to start of text line, delete
Ctrl-Shift-Right Mark to end of text line, delete
Date and time
Ctrl-DI Insert date - format 2013-06-11
Ctrl-DD Insert date - format 11.06.13
Ctrl-DT Insert time - format 23:57
Ctrl-DW Insert Week No: 52
Dialogue boxes (dbox)
Ctrl-OC Open Command dbox
Ctrl-OF Open File Info dbox
Ctrl-OG Open Goto Line dbox
Ctrl-OP Open Print dbox
Ctrl-OS Open Snippets dbox
Print Open Print dbox
Ctrl-F5 Insert next Ctrl
F8 Undo
Ctrl-F8 Redo
F9 Playback
Shift-F9 Record for playback
Ctrl-F11 Toggle hard wrap
Ctrl-Shift-B Toggle block editing
Ctrl-J Character to lower case
Ctrl-Shift-L Set wrap width to longest line
Ctrl-R Reformat current paragraph
Ctrl-Shift-R Reformat current text
Ctrl-S Swap character case
Ctrl-U Character to upper case
Backspace Delete left
Shift-Backspace Delete word left
Ctrl-Backspace Delete to start of text line
Ctrl-Shift-Backspace Cut to start of text line
Delete Delete right
Shift-Delete Delete word right
Ctrl-Delete Delete to end of text line
Ctrl-Shift-Delete Cut to end of text line
Ctrl-End Delete line
Shift-End Start cursor edit
Insert Toggle Insert/Overwrite
Return Insert new line character
Ctrl-Return Alternative indent (Mode)
Ctrl-Shift-Return New line in front of current
Ctrl-Shift-Space Reduce multiple spaces to one
Tab Perform 'Tab' action (Mode)
External tools
Ctrl-ED Search directory
Ctrl-EE Export text
Ctrl-EU Upload text
Ctrl-Shift-F5 Internet dictionary
Ctrl-Shift-F6 Internet thesaurus
Ctrl-Shift-F11 Search directory
Create, save and kill files
F11 Create empty Base Mode text
F3 Open Save dbox
Ctrl-Q Kill view
Ctrl-Shift-Q Kill StrongED
Ctrl-KpPlus Unfold text
Ctrl-KpMin Fold text
Ctrl-Shift-KpMin Fold selection
Shift-KpPlus Open current fold
Shift-KpMin Close current fold
F1 Help on word at cursor
Ctrl-F7 Lose input focus
Ctrl-Shift-F9 Open char selector
F10 Run file (Mode)
Shift-F10 Save & Run (Mode)
Ctrl-F12 Task window
Ctrl-Shift-E Re-display last alert
Ctrl-M Toggle current & previous modes
Ctrl-Shift-M Toggle current & Base Mode
Ctrl-Shift-W Count words
Ctrl-Esc Togle current & previous modes
Ctrl-Shift-Esc Toggle current & previous modes
Shift-Home Call ClickList ("Toggle")
Ctrl-Home Call ClickList ("Select2")
Shift-Print Print text directly
Ctrl-Tab Cycle Tab action
Shift-Tab Cycle Tab display
Ctrl-Shift-Tab Set CSD
Ctrl-W Copy next word to icon
F7 Copy selection to icon
F8 Copy clipboard to icon
Search & Replace
F4 Interactive Search dbox
Shift-F4 Search & Replace dbox
F2 List-of-Found dbox
Shift-F2 Find 'functions' (Mode)
Ctrl-F Find word in this text
Ctrl-Shift-F Find word in all texts
Ctrl-N Next match in this text
Ctrl-Shift-N Next match in all texts
Ctrl-P previous match in this text
Ctrl-Shift-P previous match in all texts
View handling
Ctrl-H Hide text
Ctrl-Shift-H Hide all texts
Ctrl-Shift-I Iconise current view
Ctrl-T View with caret to top
Ctrl-WC Clone current view
Ctrl-WV Split view vertically
Ctrl-WH Split view horizontally
Ctrl-WF Resize view to max size
Ctrl-WS Toggle bitmap font size
Shift-Up Goto next text
Shift-Down Goto previous text
Ctrl-Shift-Esc Swaps modes:
Current <-> Previous
or Current <-> BaseMode

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