Introduction to StrongED - The main window

Having installed StrongED and run it, it will add its Fist icon to the iconbar. A Select click on this fist will open a Basemode window as the diagram.


The ToolBar

The icons, and their actions, are defined in the ModeFile for the mode in use. The icons defined in BaseMode are present on the Toolbar in every mode.

Provided that interactive Help is active, the help given on any Toolbar Icon will be similar to that listed here!

This icon interacts with StrongHelp so StrongHelp needs to be accessible.
Select Help on current Mode
Ctrl Select Help on BaseMode
Ctrl Shift Select Help on StrongED
Adjust Information on the character under the caret
Ctrl Adjust Information on the word under the caret
Ctrl Shift Adjust Information on the file being edited
LoW/File History
FileHistory/png Select opens a List of open Windows (LoW)
Adjust opens the File History Window as shown right. A click on the icon to the right in this window will show a list of files that have been recently closed. Click on one and its path will be placed in the window so it can be loaded with the Load button
Select opens a List of words in the current file which are not in its dictionary. These words are also coloured in the appropriate way and a click on a word in the list will take the caret to that word in the text.
Adjust tests the word under the caret and opens the spelling window. If the word under the caret is not recognised then a list of possible alternatives is given. A click on one of these will substitute it for the mis-spelt word.
Select toggles open or closed the Global Choices Dialogue box
Adjust toggles open or closed the current Mode's Choices Dialogue box
Select opens the Save box.
Adjust, if the file has a valid path, saves the file without asking.
Ctrl Select opens the Export Dialogue box.
Select undoes the last edit operation.
Adjust redoes the last item to be undone.
Select opens the Speak dialogue box. For Speech to work Jonathan Duddington's Speak must be installed.
Select opens the Refresh dialogue box which shows how the copy being edited differs from the copy saved. If both are unchanged they will be green. If either file has been changed it will be shown in red.
Adjust will refresh the file - even if it has been edited.
Select opens the Scripts directory (pointed to by StrongED$ScriptsDir) which will be either !StrongED.Defaults.Tools.!ScriptSED.Scripts or !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Tools.!ScriptsSED.Scripts.
Drag a script to here and the script will be applied to the window contents, provided StrongED can determine the Script type.
CtrlDrag a script here to apply it to the text and the result will be displayed in a new window.
CtrlShiftDrag a script here to apply it to all texts, the results will replace the current texts.
Space for other modes
This is unpopulated in BaseMode. Other modes will add their icons in this space.

The Information Bar

This shows information relating to the position of the caret in the text or the character at the caret position.
Select click cycles through the display
  • Position of the caret as an offset in bytes from the start of the text.
  • Position of the caret as x,y or y,x where x is the byte number in the line and y is the line number. Start line number can be altered in the Mode choices -@gt; Periphery
  • ASCII code of character at caret in hexadecimal and decimal.
Adjust cycles through the above on reverse order
Select and Adjust toggles between Insert < > Overwrite modes.

The same action is performed by the Insert key.

This shows the current action of the Tab key.
Select and Adjust cycle through the three modes:
  • TrueTab inserts the Tab character hex 09. However how it displays in the text will depend on how the Tabs are set in the Mode Choices.
  • Nearest inserts spaces to align with the line above or below.
  • Tabstops inserts spaces to align with the Tabstops definition in the ModeFile.
This shows whether or not a block is marked
  • - No block is marked
  • B Block is marked in this text
  • b Block is marked in another text
  • F Free Block is marked in this text
  • f Free Block is marked in another text
Select to go to the start of the Block
Adjust to go to the end of the Block
Menu to open the Block's Process Menu
This shows the state of the Global clipboard
  • - Clipboard is not in use
  • C Clipboard is owned by StrongED and is not empty
  • c Clipboard is owned by another application.
Menu opens the Block Clipboard menu
Four Bookmarks can be set. These four icons control them and show their state
  • White = Not set
  • Black = Mark is in this text
  • Grey = Mark is in another text
Select to go to the mark. A double click will unset the mark.
Adjust to Set <> Unset the mark
This is not used in BaseMode so will always show zero in that mode. It is used in many other modes that use the GoToFound function.
This shows the name of the current Mode for this window.
Adjust opens the Modes Menu, to change the mode
Menu opens the main menu of the current mode.
Wrap type
CW or WW for character Wrap or Word Wrap, Click a mouse button to change the type
Wrap width
This shows the current wrapwidth. If autowrap is on, an "a" is appended and if hardwrap is on, the hardwrap width is shown in parenthesis.
Select toggle autowrap on <> off
Adjust toggle hardwrap
This displays the NewLine type currently used in this text.
Menu opens the Newlines menu for changing the NL type

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