Introduction to StrongED

Introduction to StrongED

StrongED is a general purpose text and file editor. You can use it to write any kind of straight ASCII text; Program sources, email, shopping lists, whatever. It has extremely versatile editing facilities as well as such things as spell-checking.

StrongED completely replace !Edit supplied with RISC OS so once you have got used to StrongED you will never use !Edit again!

StrongED is for RISC OS only: to use it on any other platform you need to instal one of the RISC OS emulators.

StrongED is based on a series of Mode files. So its behaviour changes depending on which mode is selected. Each mode has not only a ModeFile to define how it behaves but also the Mode can have a ModeWhen file to determine if that mode should be invoked when an existing file is loaded. But modes can get (and some are) much more involved than these two files.

StrongED is also modular in other ways: there are many tools, both internal and external. StrongED is such that new modes and tools can be written for it. However there are already over 60 different modes defined and available.

StrongED can also handle BASIC files, by converting these to text while editing, and back to tokenised format when saving. There are also Modes defined for most other common computer languages - but if you are not a programmer you can easily ignore (or remove) them.

So at the entry level, StrongED is simple and works "straight out of the zipfile" but at its most complex end it can be configured to do most things people want of such a program - and more it you can configure it yourself or suggest suitable improvements via the mailing list.

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