Installation and updating

StrongED being highly configurable, it is supplied in bits. The zip files for both versions contain two Applications. Once you have become a little familiar with StrongED you will probably use it a lot, so will want it permanently installed.
This is the main Application. Place it somewhere that it will be seen by the filer during Boot and add it to Configuration -> Boot -> Run.
Everything that tells StrongED to operate in a special way should go here, so it is normally added to Boot:Choices.
There are more instructions in the Stable version zip file.


When it is time to update you simply replace your old !StrongED with the new one. Never drag the new one over the old!

!StrED_cfg does not need to be updated so your choices and changes will not be lost.

However - if you are updating a very old StrongED then you will have to replace !StrED_cfg. It is also possible to retain both versions of these. See Swapping versions of !StrongED

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