Copying text

It is very often useful to be able to copy previous text, There are two ways of doing this.
Mark a block
Once a block is marked by dragging the Select button over the required block (or by other means) Ctrl-C will copy the marked block to the Caret.

Or you can Shitf-drag the marked block to the required position.

The Copy key (marked End on modern keyboards) can be used in place of Ctrl-C unless it has been re-defined.

Copy Cursor
Shift-Copy will engage the CopyCursor. The Caret can then be moved to the required palce when the Copy key will copy text from the CopyCursor to the Caret. The arrow keys will move the CopyCursor as required without affecting the Caret position. Escape will terminate the copying action.
Key Effect
Shift-End Activate CopyCursor
End Copy a character from CopyCursor position
ESC or Shift-End Turn CopyCursor off again.

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