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08clr.png Choices: Respond to Choices: Edit Choices: Display Choices: Block Choices: BASIC Choices: Misc Choices: Windows Choices: Colours Choices: Histories Choices: Printing The Menu icon for the top Window opens a menu The Menu for the bottom Element opens a menu which will be different depending on the Window chosen abve:
List of Found
  • Filename
  • Text
  • Match
  • Closest
List of Windows
  • Filetype
  • Filename
  • Filestate
  • Openview
  • Caretview
  • Selectview
  • Session start
  • Processing file
  • Info for file
  • Info details
  • Errors in file
  • Error details
  • Warning error
  • Regular error
  • Serious error
  • Clicked line
In all cases, click on the item whose colours you wish to alter and it will be displayed in the icon. You can then define the colours you wish applied to it.

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