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A Menu click on the IconBar icon will allow you to choose Choices.... A click on that will open the window, below.

Any changes you make will be applied temporarily if you click the OK button. If you want the changes to be permanent, clivck the Save button. The changes will then be saved in !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Global.Options 01rsp.png Choices: Respond to Choices: Edit Choices: Display Choices: Block Choices: BASIC Choices: Misc Choices: Windows Choices: Colours Choices: Histories Choices: Printing

Most of the features are self-explanatory. If you find that StrongED is claiming files when you do not want it to, the relevant option can be switched off. If you don't understand the choice, please ask - but it is probable that you don't use it so can leave it as it is.

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