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StrongED already comes with quite comprehensive instructions in StrongHelp format. But StrongHelp is not amenable to any contents or indexing system, so it is very difficult to know what is in there. (Re)-writing these instructions and expanding then from StrongHelp is forcing me to understand StrongED and hopefully I can pass that understanding to readers. Hopefully they will learn as much in the process as do I.

As this is a work in progress, your questions and criticisms are valuable. Please contact me!

Each page has a different background colour:

Most users will usually want to go to the main index page which has several columns so you can better choose what page or context may better suit your query.

There is also a Contents page: the instructions are divided into various sections.

Links that are coloured (as outlined above) on this index should work. Uncoloured links are to pages that need to be written, so please start writing.

The index itself is expanding rapidly so please suggest new entries.


I welcome help, contributions, proof-reading, error correction etc. Please contact me via the Contact button above.

Questions and queries

Such instructions only get altered in response to questions about them: it is a work in progress and progress also will depend on questions asked. You are welcome to use the contact button above - or you can join the StrongED mailing list and ask there.

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