Functions Index

This index is in preparation. descriptions of the functions can be found in the StrongHelp manual, Reference Section, List of Functions.

This is a list of all available functions, and their parameters where applicable. Many of the functions are self-descriptive. Functins may be tied to an Icon or a keypress or they can be used as commands in StrongED_ExecCommands and StrongED_ExecFile

Function name Parameters Class Page or context Example
AddFold Standard
Adjust DBox
AutoComplete Standard
AutoRefresh Standard
BlockClear none Standard Selecting bracketed text
Adding html tags to a marked block
BlockCopy none Standard
BlockDelete none Standard
BlockMark_Continuous none Standard Selecting bracketed text
BlockMark_ESC Standard
BlockMark_Standard Standard
BlockMove none Standard
BlockToBuffer none Global
BroadcastURL Global
BumpOptionValue Standard
CaretDown Standard
CaretLeft Standard Selecting bracketed text
CaretRight Standard
CaretUp Standard
CB_Copy Standard
CB_Paste Standard
CB_Purge Standard
ChangeMode Standard
ChangeNewline Standard
CharInfo Standard
CharPicker Standard
CharsToBuffer Standard
CheckWidth Standard
ClearMark Standard
ClickList Mode's ClickList Standard
ClipToBuffer Global
CloseFold Standard
ColourToBuffer Standard
Complete Global
CopyCursor_Down Standard
CopyCursor_Left Standard
CopyCursor_Off Standard
CopyCursor_On Standard
CopyCursor_Right Standard
CopyCursor_Up Standard
CopyFromCC Standard
CountWords Standard
CreateText Global
CreateView Standard
CycleGotoType DBox
CycleOptionValue Standard
CycleTabDisplay Standard
CycleTABkey Standard
DateAndTime Standard Interacting with StrongED
dbox_Chars Deprecated
dbox_Commands Deprecated
dbox_FileInfo Deprecated
dbox_GlobalChoices Deprecated
dbox_GotoLine Deprecated
dbox_Interactive Deprecated
dbox_ListOfFound Deprecated
dbox_LoadFile Deprecated
dbox_LoWActions Deprecated
dbox_ModeChoices Deprecated
dbox_Print Deprecated
dbox_Refresh Deprecated
dbox_Replace Deprecated
dbox_SaveBlock Deprecated
dbox_SaveText Deprecated
dbox_Snippets Deprecated
dbox_Sort Deprecated
dbox_SpellCheck Deprecated
DClick Standard
DeleteLeft Standard
DeleteLine Standard
DeleteRight Standard
DeleteWordLeft Standard
DeleteWordRight Standard
Drag Standard
Dump_Assemble Dump
Dump_BigEndian Dump
Dump_Binary Dump
Dump_CycleSection Dump
Dump_Display Dump
Dump_Down Dump
Dump_GrabAddr Dump
Dump_GroupSize Dump
Dump_Help Dump
Dump_Left Dump
Dump_LowerCC Dump
Dump_ReGrab Dump
Dump_Right Dump
Dump_Up Dump
EndOfText Standard
EndOfTLine Standard
EndOfWLine Standard
ExportText Standard
ExtEdit_SendBack Standard
FindNext Standard
FindPrev Standard
FocusToMRU Standard
FoldText Standard
FullView Standard
GotoBlock Global
GotoBlock_End Global Adding html tags to a marked block
GotoBlock_Start Global Adding html tags to a marked block
GotoBracket Standard
GotoFound Standard
GotoMark Global
GotoNext Standard
GotoPrev Standard
GSTrans Standard
HelpBaseMode Global
HelpMode Global
HelpString Global
HelpStrongED Global
HelpWord Standard
HideAll Global
HideView Standard
History DBox
IconiseView Standard
Indent Standard
IndentOne Standard
InsertCtrl Standard
InsertFile Standard
InsertStr "string to insert" Standard Adding html tags to a marked block
KillAll Global
KillChanged Global
KillStrongED Global
KillText Standard
KillUnchanged Global
KillView Standard
Learn Standard
LineDown Deprecated
LineUp Deprecated
ListOfC Standard
ListOfFound Standard
ListOfFoundAction=LoFAction LoF/Throwback
ListOfMod Standard
ListOfWindows Global
ListOfWord Standard
LoadOne Standard
LongestLine Standard
LoseCaret Standard
LowercaseBlock Standard
LowercaseChar Standard
MarkChar Standard
MarkLine Standard
MarkText Standard
MarkToEnd_tl Standard
MarkToEnd_wl Standard
MarkToStart_tl Standard
MarkToStart_wl Standard
MarkWord Standard HTML Hints
Menu DBox
MenuToWindow DBox
MinimizeModes Global
MouseToBuffer Global
NewLine Standard Interacting with StrongED
NextWindow Global
NIL Standard
NoIndent Standard Adding html tags to a marked block
OpenDialogueBox Standard
OpenFold Standard
PageDown Standard
PageUp Standard
PassOn Standard
Playback Standard
Pop Global Selecting bracketed text
PopAll Global
Position Standard
PreviousMessage Global
PreviousWindow Global
Print Standard
Process Standard
ProcessLoW Standard
PurgeUndo Standard
Push Standard Selecting bracketed text
Redo Standard
Reformat Standard
RefreshFile Standard
ReindentText Standard
ReleaseShiftCtrl Standard
Replace=replace_fn Standard
RescanBitmaps Global
RescanModes Global
Rot13 Standard
Run Standard
RunBasic Standard
SaveChanged Global
SaveDClick Standard
SaveDrag Standard
SaveKill Standard
SaveRun Standard
SaveText Standard
ScaleView Standard
ScrollText Standard
Select DBox
SetCounter Standard
SetDir Global
SetMark Standard
SetOptionValue Standard
SetTmp Standard
Sort Standard
SpellCheck Standard
SplitViewHor Standard
SplitViewVert Standard
StartOfText Standard Interacting with StrongED
StartOfTLine Standard
StartOfWLine Standard
SwapCaseBlock Standard
SwapCaseChar Standard
Tab Standard
TabIt Standard
ThrowbackAction=LoFAction LoF/Throwback
ToggleHardwrap Standard
ToggleIndent Standard
ToggleInsert Standard
ToggleProtect Standard
ToggleStr Standard
ToggleTabLine Standard
ToTask Standard
Transpose Standard
TrimLines Standard
TW_Kill Standard
TW_Resume Standard
TW_Suspend Standard
Undo Standard
UnfoldText Standard
Untab Standard
Unwrap Standard
UppercaseBlock Standard
UppercaseChar Standard
UserMessage1 Global
ViewToTop Standard
WordLeft Standard
WordRight Standard
WordToBuffer Global

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