Functions: ClickList

The ClickList function works in conjunction with the a ClickList defined in the ModeFile.

When called, the ClickList function inspects the ClickLists defined in the current ModeFile to see if it can match any of the Search expressions with the current caret position.

If a match is found, the corresponding list of operations in the relevant ClickList are executed.

To create clickable text you need to create a separate ClickList entry in the relevant ModeFile's ClickList.

The general syntax of a Clicklist is:

  ClickList <Name>
    <name of search expression>  <tab>  <list of functions>

The Name in the ClickList is taken as a Search expression and could anything but if you want to use the mouse you'll need to use one of these names: Select1, Select2, Adjust1, Adjust2 where the digit indicates single-click or double-click.

The ClickList Name can be prefixed with one or more of a, c, s to indicate which modifier keys need to be held down. For example:
cs-Select2 = Doubleclick Select, with ctrl and shift pressed. The Name of the ClickList is a Search expression so must be defined in the Search section of the ModeFile concerned.

The list of functions to be executed is one or more of StrongED's functions separated by spaces.

Thus to run a file when a filename is double-clicked you could use:

    FileSys   "ADFS" | "RAM" | "SCSI" | "SDFS"
    FileName  FileSys "::" {~(Ctrl|White) Any}+

  ClickList Select2
    Filename   Run("Filer_Run ")

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