Folding takes sections of the text and 'folds' them away, so that only the first line of the section is visible. These folds can then be open and closed as required.

Folding a text does not change the text. However fold markers must be defined to create points where the text can be folded. By default, the marker is an asterisk at the start of a line. This can be a nice way to organize various kinds of lists.

For instance, consider a recipe list that looks like this:
When this is folded, it looks like this:
If you click on the above you can download the actual text and experimant for yourself. Once folded, a Select click on a red arrow will open that fold. An Adjust click on the arrow will close it again.
Especially for this kind of list, it can be neccessary to fold on different markers in different texts. Instead of making a specific mode for each of these cases, you can specify it directly in the text.

Basic Mode

This screenshot shows a BASIC text, folded, with one open fold. foldbas/png

The default keys used for folding are all on the numeric keypad:

Ctrl-KpMin folds the entire text
Ctrl-KpPlus unfolds the entire text
Shift-KpMin opens a fold
Shift-KpPlus closes a fold

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