Stepping through Obey files and other scripts

Because StrongED handles any RIS OS filetype properly, even when dragging and dropping text from it, StrongED can be used to step through an Obey file or any script that can be executed line by line.

So when compiling or testing such a file you can Iconbar -> Create file -> New File of whatever type you need. Having written (part of) the file you can open a Task Window and drag the lines one by one from the file you are writing to the Task window where they will be executed.

This is very useful with, for example, PipeDream where a PDCmdFil can be opened with StrongED where it can easily be edited. It can then be executed line by line to test it.

It is also very useful for such tasks as scripting a web server than operates vis SSH.

You can also drag and drop more than one line at a time - but there is a limit (probably 256 characters) in the block size that can be dragged and dropped.

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