Options Embedded in texts

When StrongED loads a file, it scans through the first kilobyte to see if it can find any embedded configuration options, and to determine the Mode to use. The options it currently recognises are:
StrongED$Mode      = modename
StrongED$FoldParm1 = (same parameters as the FoldText function)
StrongED$FoldParm2 = same
StrongED$Tabstops  = String defining Tabstops
StrongED$WrapWidth = Auto, sets wrapwidth to automatic
StrongED$WrapWidth = Line, sets wrapwidth to length of longest line
StrongED$WrapWidth = nnnn, sets wrapwidth to nnnn characters
Note that although the syntax of the first four option's argument is the same as that for a ModeFile except that these embedded options require an equals sign ( = ) rather than a Tab.

An example here in a C source file:

/* This is an example C source, with embedded StrongED options
     StrongED$Mode = C
     StrongED$WrapWidth = 132
     StrongED$FoldParm1 = ( "/*\<", "/*\>", startspace )

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