Introduction to Text colouring

choicescolours/pngStrongED can colour text in user-definable rainbow hues which can be changed from the Mode's Open Choices -> Colours dialogue box as shown right.

Clicking on the menu item to the right of the Element box will open a long list of elements that can have different colours assigned to them. This list for Basemode is shown below, right. The list will change for different modes.


There is also a colour dialogue box that can be opened from the Icon bar -> Choices. This controls the global colour choices of List of Found, List of windows and Throwback colouring.

Initially, in BaseMode colour choices, many of these elements are coloured the same. The colour choices for each mode are stored in the Mode's files as a file named ColoursStd. Thus the BaseMode's colour choices is !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Modes.BaseMode.ColoursStd (or the default - !StrongED.Defaults.Modes.BaseMode.ColoursStd). This file is updated automatically when you change a colour as above, so it should not be edited.

Many of the different elements initially have the same colours as too many colours can confuse!

Most of these named colours are internal to StrongED but some refer to groups of user-definable words. Thus Identifiers is a user-definable group, defined in the ModeFile

You will notice Group 8 at the bottom of the list: there can be up to 32 (16 in 3.69) different groups of user-definable words which will be coloured. These are defined in the SyntaxWords section of the Modefile. When a Group is defined in the ModeFile, then it will be added to this menu. Group8 is the only group defined in BaseMode.

Another such optional element is Comments - defined in the SyntaxComment section of the Modefile.

An alternative colour scheme is available from the Iconbar Choices -> Display -> Use alternative colour scheme.

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