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Unsubscribe from your old address and subscribe again from the new address.
If you have several email addresses, you can subscribe as many as you wish to the list. But you probably only want one copy of each posting,

Subscribe the main email address normally. Subscribe the others, from which you may wish to post, as 'nomail'. Copies will not then be sent to these! You can use this link: StrongED+subscribe-nomail@Torrens.org

The nomail subscription process is the same as the standard subscription process, but be extra careful at step 3 as there is an extra -nomail bit so the confirm address should look something like

Will I get spam?
No. Spammers will not jump through the hoops necessary to subscribe: that is what the process is for! If the list's address ever does get on any spammer's list, it gets referred to the list master for moderation as the spammer has not joined the list. As web master and list master I have a very strict policy on spam so I handle generally fewer than 10 spams per day: every single one of these gets reported as spam to Spamcop.net who keep black lists for good providers to use to stop spam.
No. Malware in general is distributed by email as attachments. The StrongED list does not allow any attachments, so it cannot carry viruses or other malware.

In fact malware does get on occasion get onto list members computers (via other sources) and this does result in the list address getting onto spammers lists: I as listmaster sometimes see the result when spam emails which are referred to me for moderation. The list members do not see them.

The list is set to accept only plain text: Microsoft (and many other) email programs are set by default to send emails as html: this is sent as an attachment to the text verson of the email.

When the internet was young, and MicroSoft could not pretend to own it, and agreed standards evolved for email. MicroSoft then trod roughshod over these standards and started using html. They also set their email programs so that the standard QUILA (Quote and In-Line Reply) system did not work properly. Standards disintegrated and email nowadays is not as it was: as a result email lists such as this StrongED declined and www forums grew as they did not rely on broken email programs.

So really, the only way a mailing list such as this can work well is by using the old standards of plain text only and QUILA. The links are to my own site explaining how it should all work. Therefore this list is set to only accept plain text emails. Anything else will be returned to sender.

As a matter of interest, the original email netiquette is still fairly rigorously applied on most News Groups (Usenet) postings. If you do not know about News Groups see

All messages sent out by the Mailing List Program (mlmmj) are numbered. In the message headers is a line such as
Return-path: <StrongED+bounces-3497-lists=torrens.org@Torrens.org>

The number here (in this example 3497) is the message number and it gives you a way of checking which messages you have received. As message numbers are seqyential, any 'holes' in the numbers are messages you have missed. You can retrieve these messages by sending an email to, for example stronged+get-3496@Torrens.org
which will retrieve message number 3496

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