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Re: Key Shortcut?

On 13 Sep 2020 as I do recall,
          Dave  wrote:

> In article <58af4c7751Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
>    Richard Torrens (lists) <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > Is Fay copying out of StrongED into another program? If so CS-C -> C-V 
> > etc.F
> No, generally just within a StrongED document.
> The other Apps she mostly uses are OvPro and Imp Publisher so neither key
> shortcuts are needed.
> I've shown her how...
> Open an OvPro or Publisher document, select the text in StrongED, put the
> mouse pointer in among the selected, hold down the Select mouse key for
> two seconds, drag the resulting icon out of StrongED into the OvPro or
> Publisher open document window. Bob's yer wostit.
> With OvPro that process can be in both directions, SE to OvPro or OvPro to
> SE.
> In this context, Publisher only supports the text being dragged in.

You can save a selection as text from Impression Publisher (File-Save
selected text) and drag the box to a StrongED window, or to its iconbar

Impression also nominally supports the global clipboard (it did so long
before most other apps), but I find that trying to use it while StrongED
is running tends to lead to crashes in Impression - the implementation
doesn't play nicely with other software.

I just did a quick test with !Clipper running, and when I select and
copy text in Impression, it gets reported as SciCalc claiming the
clipboard...!   Not until I quit SciCalc do I get Impression Publisher
showing up as the owner; and not until then can I paste the text into
StrongED.   But clipboard transfer does work both ways, at least some of
the time.

Copy to clipboard in Impression, then paste into StrongED.   And vice

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