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Re: Key Shortcut?

In article <a1814faf58.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From the above it would appear that there's a mix up in the keybindings.
> Standard keybindings for copying/deleting/moving text are as follows.

> Edit style keybindings:
>     c-C     BlockCopy
>     c-V     BlockMove
>     c-X     BlockDelete
>     c-Z     BlockClear

> Clipboard keybindings:
>     cs-Z    CB_Purge
>     cs-X    CB_Copy  BlockDelete
>     cs-C    CB_Copy  BlockClear
>     cs-V    CB_Paste

> When you press cs-V you get a warning: "No block is marked." which comes
> from the BlockMove function so cs-V is not set to CB_Paste. When you do
> cs-V when there is a selection moves the block of text confirming that
> cs-V is set to BlockMove.

> A cs-X followed by Menu->Block->Clipboard->Paste to text does paste the
> text as expected so cs-X must still be set to: CB_Copy BlockDelete.

> Somehow the Edit style keybindings and the clipboard keybindings have
> gotten mixed up. You'll need to edit the BaseMode ModeFile to fix it:

>  - Hold down Ctrl and Adjust-click on the iconbar icon to load the
>    BaseMode ModeFile.

>  - Click the fourth icon from the right on the toolbar (row of icons at
>    top of window) to open a List-of-Found (LoF) showing the sections in
>    the ModeFile.

>  - In the LoF click on KeyList (the one not followed by a name) to go to
>    the main KeyList.

>  - In the main KeyList look for the above Edit and clipboard keybindings
>    and check that they are the same. If not, change to match the above.
>    The Edit keybindings are spread, in roughly alphabetical order,
>    through the list, the clipboard keybindings are grouped together at
>    the bottom of the KeyList.

>  - When done, save the ModeFile and check that the keybindings now work
>    correctly.

> Cheers,
> Fred.

Thanks Fred, appreciated.

I'll sort that out for both her, and mine tomorrow.

Worth noting, as a compliment, she loves using StrongED for her text
writing and editing.



Dave Triffid