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Re: Key Shortcut?

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   Richard Torrens (lists) <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> RISC OS standard keys are C-C to copy to the clipboard, C-V to paste.

> Buy StrongED was written before the global clipboard, so C-C copied a
> marked block within StrongED, C-V moves it.

> Hence the use of CS-C to copy to the global clipboard.

> Is Fay copying out of StrongED into another program? If so CS-C -> C-V 
> etc.F

No, generally just within a StrongED document.

The other Apps she mostly uses are OvPro and Imp Publisher so neither key
shortcuts are needed.

I've shown her how...
Open an OvPro or Publisher document, select the text in StrongED, put the
mouse pointer in among the selected, hold down the Select mouse key for
two seconds, drag the resulting icon out of StrongED into the OvPro or
Publisher open document window. Bob's yer wostit.

With OvPro that process can be in both directions, SE to OvPro or OvPro to

In this context, Publisher only supports the text being dragged in.

You can also drop the selected/drag text icon on to the OvPro icon bar
icon and it'll open in an OvPro document.

In this context, Publisher can only import the text into an open document.

The drag n' drop works in other apps as well...

> As has been said, StrongED is very configurable but standard keys are
> listed:
> http://stronged.torrens.org/man/keybdctrl.html

Indeed, but she already has the Artworks image one...
Weird thing is, I really can't remember where I got it from?



Dave Triffid