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Re: Key Shortcut?

On 13 Sep 2020 as I do recall,
          Harriet Bazley  wrote:

> If you're trying to send
> clipboard data outside StrongED to another application's window, let
> alone to a writable icon, that's entirely dependent on whether the other
> application supports a shared global clipboard or not.  If it doesn't,
> then nothing will happen.
One obscure and useful StrongED tip is the 'Send to caret' option, which
allows you to write the currently selected block in StrongED to whatever
application currently happens to own the input focus, even if it
doesn't support the global clipboard. Even if it's a little Wimp
frontend you knocked out yourself that doesn't support any kind of data
transfer, or a writable menu entry or transient window (e.g. the
interactive search box in StrongED)

The default keymapping for Block->Send to caret is F7, but obviously
that won't work if the application which owns the caret already defines
that shortcut for another purpose.   However, you have the menu option
Block->Send to caret as a back-up alternative.

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