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Re: Key Shortcut?

On 13 Sep 2020 as I do recall,
          Fred Graute  wrote:


>  - In the main KeyList look for the above Edit and clipboard keybindings
>    and check that they are the same. If not, change to match the above.
>    The Edit keybindings are spread, in roughly alphabetical order,
>    through the list, the clipboard keybindings are grouped together at
>    the bottom of the KeyList.
>  - When done, save the ModeFile and check that the keybindings now work
>    correctly.

It would be nice if changes to the keybindings were reflected in those
menu entries which display key shortcuts - I just tried reconfiguring
'Purge clipboard' to Ctrl-Shift-U, and it worked, but the menu still
reported the shortcut as Ctrl-Shift-Z.

Or would I have needed to restart StrongED/reopen the relevant window

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