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Re: Key Shortcut?

In article <58aef2cf2cdave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Dave <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now you've sorted out Auto Save for her, Fay has another query...  :-(

> She says... 

> Select a block of text.
> Do
> CS-X and it is cut to Clipboard.

> Move the caret elsewhere and Do...
> CS-V  Does nothing. (Apparently supposed to paste clipboard to text).

> I wouldn't know what or why, any thoughts?

RISC OS standard keys are C-C to copy to the clipboard, C-V to paste.

Buy StrongED was written before the global clipboard, so C-C copied a
marked block within StrongED, C-V moves it.

Hence the use of CS-C to copy to the global clipboard.

Is Fay copying out of StrongED into another program? If so CS-C -> C-V etc.

As has been said, StrongED is very configurable but standard keys are

Richard Torrens.
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