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Key Shortcut?

In article <7c4f1caf58.harriet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Harriet Bazley <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 12 Sep 2020 as I do recall,
>           Dave  wrote:

> > Now you've sorted out Auto Save for her, Fay has another query...  :-(
> > 
> > She says... 
> > 
> > Select a block of text.
> > Do
> > CS-X and it is cut to Clipboard.
> > 
> > Move the caret elsewhere and Do...
> > CS-V  Does nothing. (Apparently supposed to paste clipboard to text).
> > 
> > I wouldn't know what or why, any thoughts?
> > 

> StrongED's key shortcuts are extremely configurable, and there have been
> several different default configurations over the years.

Ah, maybe that's the case.
She has a print out (Artworks) of StrongED 4.69 Keybindings I gave her
last year (2019).
Recently she was looking at some of the keys and testing them and came to
me with the noted above failing.

In the Block handling section (Green) is:
CS-X     Cut block to Clipboard.
Which it appears to do as the selected block of text vanishes.

Move the caret elsewhere in the document and do...
CS-V     Paste clipboard to text.
Which it doesn't, presenting a pane saying: "No block is marked."

Well it wouldn't be, it has just been cut to the clipboard, and it appears
it actually has been cut to the clipboard, as a plain old Ctrl-V pastes it
back in wherever the caret is.

Whatever CS-V is supposed to do...

It appears to be, from my testing... Select a bit of text, place the caret
elsewhere (In the document) then do CS-V which moves text from its
original place to the caret.

So what's with the CS-X ?  Here a plain old C-X does the same thing.
(Select RISC OS)

> (a) What happens if she uses the menu entries instead, i.e.
> Block->Clipboard->Paste to text?  That removes one factor of
> uncertainty when testing, though it's too long-winded for routine use.

While it is too long winded for document reworking/editing I'll give it a
try for her.

Select a block, do CS-X  The block of text vanishes.

Elsewhere place the caret, do Menu->Block->Clipboard->Paste to text  That
works as the text is pasted at the caret.

So there is an error in the keymapping for CS-V as it doesn't...

> (b) What is your definition of 'elsewhere'?   If you're trying to send
> clipboard data outside StrongED to another application's window, let
> alone to a writable icon, that's entirely dependent on whether the other
> application supports a shared global clipboard or not.  If it doesn't,
> then nothing will happen.

In the context of working on her documents, it's somewhere in the
current/same document from which the text is cut.

Good point you make about outside of StrongED, but as a very long time
user of RISC OS I'm aware of that ointment fly, and AFAICR she is also
Just checked with her, she says yes. :-)


Dave OHB.


Dave Triffid