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Re: Key Shortcut?

On 12 Sep 2020 as I do recall,
          Dave  wrote:

> Now you've sorted out Auto Save for her, Fay has another query...  :-(
> She says... 
> Select a block of text.
> Do
> CS-X and it is cut to Clipboard.
> Move the caret elsewhere and Do...
> CS-V  Does nothing. (Apparently supposed to paste clipboard to text).
> I wouldn't know what or why, any thoughts?

StrongED's key shortcuts are extremely configurable, and there have been
several different default configurations over the years.

(a) What happens if she uses the menu entries instead, i.e.
Block->Clipboard->Paste to text?  That removes one factor of
uncertainty when testing, though it's too long-winded for routine use.

(b) What is your definition of 'elsewhere'?   If you're trying to send
clipboard data outside StrongED to another application's window, let
alone to a writable icon, that's entirely dependent on whether the other
application supports a shared global clipboard or not.  If it doesn't,
then nothing will happen.

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