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Re: Auto Save

In article <2109e7ae58.harriet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Harriet Bazley <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 12 Sep 2020 as I do recall,
>           Dave  wrote:

> [snip]

> > Fay often crashes StrongED and when re-run, of course the document
> > she's been working on arrives back ready to go, so in that respect
> > it's boon for me and save a lot of SWMBO aggravation.   ;-)

> One thing that you do have to be very careful about when using StrongED
> to write e-mail (for example), is that while the OLE-linked file you
> were working on when the computer crashed will be conveniently reloaded
> for you, the link to the original app that requested StrongED to open
> and edit the file in the first place will have been forgotten.   So when
> you close the StrongED window, e.g. by clicking on the Send icon,
> instead of the edited data being used to update the original document,
> it will just get discarded as StrongED wipes the 'temporary' file and
> the other app ignores it.   :-(

> This has happened to me quite a lot while bug-testing and reporting back
> the results....
> I've more or less succeeeded in training myself to remember that the
> 'e-mail' restored by StrongED is a snare and a delusion, and needs to be
> copied into a new window before I forget myself and try to 'send' the
> old one!

Luckily she doesn't write emails in SE, but an important tip to keep in

Thanks Harriet.



Dave Triffid