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Re: Auto Save

On 12 Sep 2020 as I do recall,
          Dave  wrote:


> Fay often crashes StrongED and when re-run, of course the document
> she's been working on arrives back ready to go, so in that respect
> it's boon for me and save a lot of SWMBO aggravation.   ;-)

One thing that you do have to be very careful about when using StrongED
to write e-mail (for example), is that while the OLE-linked file you
were working on when the computer crashed will be conveniently reloaded
for you, the link to the original app that requested StrongED to open
and edit the file in the first place will have been forgotten.   So when
you close the StrongED window, e.g. by clicking on the Send icon,
instead of the edited data being used to update the original document,
it will just get discarded as StrongED wipes the 'temporary' file and
the other app ignores it.   :-(

This has happened to me quite a lot while bug-testing and reporting back
the results....
I've more or less succeeeded in training myself to remember that the
'e-mail' restored by StrongED is a snare and a delusion, and needs to be
copied into a new window before I forget myself and try to 'send' the
old one!

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