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Re: Auto Save

In article <f85e4cae58.pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Peter Young <pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> Not very obvious, and I didn't know until I did some investigating. I 
> don't know how Faye's StrongED is set up, but here I searched !StrED_cfg 
> and !StrongED for "auto". I found two directories: 
> !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.AutoSave and a corresponding one in !StrongED. Here 
> the AutoSaved text is in the StrongED_cfg one. It disappears as soon as 
> the StrongED file is closed.

> More than that I know not, but I imagine Fred will be along soon with
> his usual wisdom.

> Best wishes,

> Peter.

Here it appears to be using !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.AutoSave.

It disappears when you close a StrongED window, but doesn't disappear if
you close/quit StrongED on the icon bar, this puts up a warning window.
Click "Remember" and it (The file) remains after SE is quit.


Thanks for all your input, appreciated.
I've passed it on to her to do with what she will...

Personally I think it is a mess and will be getting out my barge pole
immediately...  :-(



Dave Triffid