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Feature request - closing HTML tag detection/autocomplete

I've been using Sublime for some time on Linux as my text editor of choice on that platform - and whenever I'm using StrongED on RISC OS, there's a feature I miss. So it seems sensible to put it forward as a feature request (if it's not there already and I just haven't turned it on, or I'm a version or ten behind!)

Editing/typing HTML, when </ is entered, Sublime identifies what the appropriate closing tag should be, and fills it in.

So if I have:

<p>some text

and type </ on the end, that becomes </p> and I have:

<p>some text</p>

It's smart enough to handle nesting, so if I have:

 <p>some text</p>

and type </ it autocompletes that as </div>

Obviously, it doesn't attempt to close tags that don't need to be closed.

It's a very useful feature - so is there any chance it could be added to StrongED, please?