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Re: Fonts question

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          Bob Latham <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In article <288c9d8f58.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>,
> > I asked because it would be helpful if I could see the problem for
> > myself.
> > StrongED, and I assume Pluto too, sets up a print job and then
> > redraws the text as if plotting to the screen. The OS then converts
> > the output to something suitable for the current printer.
> > As most the work is done by the OS finding a difference in quality
> > is somewhat unexpected unless Pluto is doing something radically
> > different.
> I'll be honest I'm no longer convinced I've got the fonts as sorted
> out as I thought I had for each mode. I'll get back to you if I can
> nail it down better, thanks.

Let me know what you find as I'm rather curious to know what causes this
problem and whether StrongED printing needs to be improved.

> > > I'm not surprised. I seem to have problems that last for months
> > > if not years that others don't get at all. As an example, I've
> > > spoken before about the problem I have with SE Misc-Print and
> > > getting 'print text' and 'print block' wrong is still there.
> > Yes, I think I remember that. Printing with selection ticked,
> > printed the whole text. Printing with selection unticked, printed
> > the selection.
> > > It's the same on my wife's machine and yet you can't reproduce it
> > > and it happens here all the time. Tempted to do a video. :-)
> > A video might be quite helpful in showing where the error is. Is it
> > a bug in StrongED or a user error/misunderstanding?
> Before going to that much trouble may I have one more go at verbal
> description in full detail. It is highly likely I'm making an error..


> It does sometimes seem to make a difference initially if you menu
> inside or outside of the highlighted area. Inside always gives the
> wrong print window.

Which title the Print dbox shows depends on the position of the cursor,
not the pointer. Cursor outside of block (or no block) -> Print text.
Cursor inside block -> Print block.

The 'Print selection only' option button is set correctly and that's
what StrongED uses to decide what to print so it's only the window title
that is wrong.

> This is very re-produceable and I'm hoping my detailed description
> will make the mystery more transparent.

It has, I've seen the problem now.

> Clearly, my SE is responding to the previous situation and not the
> current situation.

It's caused by things being done in the wrong order. The Print dbox is
created first and then all the options are initialised including the
window title.

The window title is written to the window template but as the Print dbox
is already created it doesn't show the new title but the old one. The
new title will show the next time the dbox is created.

StrongED 4.70 doesn't have this problem as the title used is always
'Print text'. The reason for this is another problem that I did notice.
The title isn't updated when the state of the 'Print selection only'
option is changed.

Changing a window's title on older OS versions can only be done by
recreating the window which is inconvenient so I decided to use a fixed


StrongED Developer