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Re: Fonts question

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          Bob Latham <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In article <c2d2518c58.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>,
>    Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Does this difference in print quality also show up when you print
> > to a PDF? If so, could you please send me a couple of PDFs so that
> > I can see the results for myself.
> I was surprised you asked that. I have to admit I thought you had to
> set up none trivial software to do that. I've certainly never been
> anywhere near it. It will take me a while to look into that.

I asked because it would be helpful if I could see the problem for

StrongED, and I assume Pluto too, sets up a print job and then redraws
the text as if plotting to the screen. The OS then converts the output
to something suitable for the current printer.

As most the work is done by the OS finding a difference in quality is
somewhat unexpected unless Pluto is doing something radically different.

> > As a test I printed to PDF from both Pluto and StrongED and the
> > results look very similar to me, no real difference in print
> > quality.
> I'm not surprised. I seem to have problems that last for months if
> not years that others don't get at all. As an example, I've spoken
> before about the problem I have with SE Misc-Print and getting 'print
> text' and 'print block' wrong is still there.

Yes, I think I remember that. Printing with selection ticked, printed
the whole text. Printing with selection unticked, printed the selection.

> It's the same on my wife's machine and yet you can't reproduce it and
> it happens here all the time. Tempted to do a video. :-)

A video might be quite helpful in showing where the error is. Is it a
bug in StrongED or a user error/misunderstanding?


StrongED Developer