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Re: Fonts question

In article <588cc2f9f4list01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Martin <list01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 08 Jul in article <588cbd43e9dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Dave
> <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Printing out of Pluto is quite pathetic, no matter what fonts are
> > set within Pluto, it always prints to paper using the "Printers
> > Font" which is absolutely not any font I have configured in Pluto.

> > There is no other option than to print in the "Printers Font".

> When you request a print you should get the 'Print Text' dialogue.
> On there is an option 'Use Printers Text Font'
> If that is NOT selected, it will use the 'Print' font as set in
> Preferences -> Fonts 

> Or do you see different?

Oh yes Martin I see a difference... :-(

If 'Use Printers Text Font' is not selected the following happens.

An error message displays.
"Undefined font handle (Print cancelled)" 

Click the [OK] button and Pluto vanishes from existence.

From Reporter.

08:53:56.48 ** WimpError ** from Pluto
  Error  : &00000208
  Message: Undefined font handle (print cancelled)
08:54:06.26 TaskClose &5D6039C0 Pluto

It has been this way for a long time.  :-)


VRPC-DL RISC OS 6.20 Pluto 3.16  Any font tried, Homerton, Trinity etc all
fail and Pluto dies.



Dave Triffid