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Re: Fonts question

In article <5889b51ebcbob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Bob Latham <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Recent changes in my printers has pushed me towards graphics printing
> rather than text printing I've been happy with for years.

> For text files I used Standard OS system font largely because to me
> it was very readable and 8 and 0 are easy distinguished and it is
> mono spaced. I understand most people don't see it that way.

> If I was using a word processor I would use tabs so mono spaced
> wouldn't matter but for notes and read me files I find it better.

> So what font do people use for text printing with graphics mode?
> Corpus Medium? When printed out from StrongED to me it looks awful
> and yet printed from Pluto it looks fine. SE looks thick and blocky
> but Pluto Corpus medium doesn't. Are there any other mono spaced
> fonts?

In Base Mode I have  8*16 OS system font for display but obviously it
can't be found as Fred said in the thread so it reverts to the Outline
font which is set as Homerton.Medium. That looks quite good on my Dell
2330dn black & white laser printer but obviously mono spaced it ain't.

As you say the System Fixed Font that comes with my machine appears very
blocky & mushy from StrongEd but better in TechWriter.

Why if there is a system font embedded in RiscOS does not the 8*16 in
StrongEd match up?

If I'm printing from StrongEd it often involves tables so I'm going to
experiment with various mono types in the Outline Choice & see what
happens. I have...

Even Letter
Mono Letter
New Corpus
Optical B
Sans Mono
Verity Mono
System Fixed 

I've already found some of these are too thin for a laser printer.

Chris Newman