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Re: Fonts question

On 2 Jul 2020 as I do recall,
          Bob Latham  wrote:

> In article <5889bb6855webpages@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
>    Sprow <webpages@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > **Pluto's** fonts are in Preferences -> Fonts...
> I've just had a really good look around StrongED menus both icon bar
> and windows and I can find nothing called Preferences anywhere. The
> only font choices I can find are in Mode Choices - Font.
> > It [**Pluto**] can indeed display in one font, but print in another,
> I have never found a way to change the printed font in StrongED
> though I have in Pluto. So how do you do it?

Those were instructions for Pluto.   :-)

From the StrongHelp manual for  StrongED, under "Printing in graphics

"When printing in graphics mode the outline font set in the Mode Choices
of the mode the text is displayed in will be used, even when the file is
displayed in a non-outline font. The print-out will be coloured the same
as text is on screen, this includes the background colour so be careful
when using dark backgrounds on screen. You may end up using lots of

My Mode Choices (adjust-click on the option-icon button on the toolbar)
allows you to configure three fonts;  the default Outline font seems to
be Corpus.Bold.   If I change that to Atheny, say, then press Print and
select the Graphics print mode  (the default setting for this is a
Global choice, under Printing), then the resulting output comes out in
the Atheny font, although as it is still using the window wrap set up to
fit the system font the lines look rather short!

Interestingly, the resulting printout (to PDF for experimental purposes)
doesn't appear to use the current window colours by default, despite the
warning in the manual.   In order to get it to do that (which you
probably wouldn't want under most circumstances), it seems you have to
explicitly enable the 'print in colour' option in the Print window -
disabled unless you first select Graphics print mode.

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