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Re: Mailing List Bouncing details.

In article <587fbe09ddronanon@xxxxxxxx>,
   Ron <ronanon@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am getting this new (helpful) style of message, however the actual
> sending of an email to stronged+get-3848@xxxxxxxxxxx
> has not resulted in anything new sent to me.
> Done this on a few different days, and pretty sure empty subject
> and content is OK, so something else?

I cannot see any sign of failure from this end.

All incoming emails are logged and indeed I see your attempts to recall
the message.

I don't see any bounces from these get messages.

A test stronged+get-3848@xxxxxxxxxxx here recalls the message as it should.

So I suspect the message retrieved must be ending up in your spam bin? You
can probably adjust your spam filters to accept such.

What I have done is to archive up to date

Richard Torrens.
http://StrongED.Torrens.org for StrongED instructions (in preparation) and mailing list archives